Sanctuary Right Teaching Team:

Helen Andersson

Kim Cardwell

Bob Kroupa

Leslie Olin

Abraham Weekes

Sanctuary Left Teaching Team:

Brian Clark

Brad Cruse

Paul Moore

Mark Wilcox

Sabbath School Wing Teaching Team:

DeLois Weekes 

Charito Pattichot

Gene Boaz  Conference Room Teaching Team (Young Adult 18-35):

Annette Pattichot

Barbie  Whalen


Third Quarter Bible Study Guide

  1. Paul: Apostle to the Gentiles • Jun 24 – 30   
  2. Paul’s Authority and Gospel  • July 1 – 7    
  3. The Unity of the Gospel • Juy 8 – 14    
  4. Justification by Faith Alone • July 15 – 21   
  5. Old Testament Faith • July22 – 28    
  6. The Priority of the Promise • Jul 29 – Aug 5    
  7. The Road to Faith • August 5 – 11    
  8. From Slaves to Heirs • Aug 12 – 18   
  9. Paul’s Pastoral Appeal • Aug 19 – 25     
  10. The Two Covenants • Aug 26 – Sep 1   
  11. Freedom in Christ • Sep 2 – 8   
  12. The Living by theSpirit • Sep 9 – 15   
  13. Major The Gospel and the Church • Sep 16 – 22   
  14. Boasting in the Cross • Sep 23 – Sep 29   

What happens during Sabbath School?

Adult church members are provided with the Adult Bible Study Guide (formerly known as Sabbath School Quarterly) issued four times a year. It is also known as the "Quarterly" and the "Lesson". It is published by Pacific Press Publishing Association. Sabbath School quarterlies are Bible study guides that cover a specific topic or book of the Bible every quarter. The quarterly is designed to be read during the week, so that during Sabbath School, the class members are ready to discuss questions and topics raised in that lesson in small groups. The Adult Sabbath School always has a heavy focus on the Bible. All Seventh-day Adventists around the world use the same Sabbath school quarterly, translated into the necessary languages (with few exceptions such as Germany, where members cover the same topic with different material). As of 2012 the editor of the Adult Sabbath School lessons was Clifford Goldstein.

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