Ministry Moment


Working together! “Yes, I can do that!”

West County Ministries are working together.

One way is through the Sabbath School Department hosting “Invite a Friend to Sabbath School Day”.  Here the Sabbath School partners with other Church Ministries to invite friends to church for exceptional programs like the Easter and Christmas Concerts (provided through the Music Ministry) and the Family Weekend (provided by the Family Ministry).  The Hospitality Ministry hosts everyone’s favorite Fellowship Meals on these “Invite a Friend to Sabbath School Days”.

Easy ways to say - “Yes, I can do that!” 

  • Pray: pray for the Church Ministry’s and those attending these programs.
  • Invite: give out invitation post cards to friends (provided by the Ministry Council).  These cards can be personally given or add a short note on the back, address and then mail.    
  • Attend/Participate: please come, join in!  Never underestimate the value of your attendance. Bring a dish, stay and socialize, visit with old friends and establish new acquaintances.


Picnic in the Park

West County Church begins their Picnic in the Park season in May, visiting a different park each month through October.   Many comment on how much they enjoy getting acquainted with the different parks that we visit.  Each year we add in a new park along with our old favorite ones.  There is a common denominator that hits the target every time, and that is - yummy food!  Everyone brings a favorite dish or two for this potluck style meal.  These relaxing meals in nature are enjoyed by all ages; a time for making new friends, catching up and renewing acquaintances.

Purina Farms has become our annual first picnic stop and it is always a tailgate lunch on the lawn before visiting the barn and dog show.  Our next picnics were all under protected shelters at Longview Farms in June, Bernie Park in July, Love Park in August and Queenie Park in September. 

Our last picnic will be on October 28 at Babler State Park, remember to bundle up, with the weather being cooler and then enjoy the extra warmth at one of the four stone fireplaces.

Purina Farms - May

Longview Farm - June

Bernie Park - July

Love Park - August

Queenie Park - September

Ordination of the Deaconesses

Three deaconesses were ordained Sabbath August 12, 2017, by Pastor Ken Olin to serve, help and attend to the needs in the local Seventh-day Adventist church and the communities in which they live.  The ministry of the deaconesses began in the early Christian church.

Pictured from right to left:  Rebecca Lawrence, Head Deaconess, Jeanne Toay, Mary Schwantes, and Helen Palmer.  Behind the deaconesses are the church elders who placed their hands on the shoulders of the women in a prayer of commitment to serve.


Steps to Christ Project

West County Church is joining in an exciting purchase of Steps to Christ with a local cover design depicting the St. Louis Arch. There is also a custom message on the back cover with a local area wide website. To reach our goal of 2,500 books we need 13 sponsors of $64.00 each which will buy 200 books per sponsor. The Steps to Christ will be a wonderful sharing book. Please mark tithe envelopes “West County Literature”, so overages may go towards additional sharing materials. -Thank you, West County Personal Ministries 

Investment Message

God is sovereign—He is the supreme authority over all things—but He has chosen to work through men and women. I would describe the partnership between God and man like this: we can’t do it without God, but He won’t do it without us. We are not to be independent of God, thinking that we can accomplish His will without Him. Jesus put it this way: “Without Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). God on the other hand does not “need” us, but He chooses not to work on earth apart from us. His plans include you and me. They factor our obedience, walking in partnership with Him. If you haven’t already asked God to partner with you on a SS Investment Project, there’s still time. He is waiting to hear from you. 

Fathers Day

On June 17 the children took turns during their class time to visit the Sabbath School resource room where they each hand crafted cards for Father’s Day.  The exercise encouraged the students to recognize the things they appreciate about their Dad’s and the importance to take time to thank them!

Shoes Needed!

Shoes Needed!

Donate to the ACS!

The ACS needs shoes! Please bring your gently used or new shoes to church and place them in the bin marked “shoes”. If the goal of 100 pairs is reached by June 3rd, Marilyn Brines will donate $50 toward investment. “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace,who bring glad tidings of good things!” Romans 10:15 

Special Recognition Sabbath - May 27

There is honor in the aging process, as growing old is normally accompanied by increased wisdom and experience. “Gray hair is a crown of splendor attained by a righteous life” (Prov. 16:31; Prov. 20:29). You are invited to celebrate the legacy and contributions of older adults to our church and community, and join us lunch on Saturday, May 27, 2017. 9:30 am - Song Service and Bible Study. 10:45 am -Worship Service. Noon Family Friendship Lunch. Give invitations to your family and friends. Bring an Older Adult to share in the celebration. We anticipate having many visitors, so members please bring plenty of food to share. 

May Baskets

Do you know what a May Basket is?

Many students learned today for the first time what a May Basket is, a tradition of secretly placing a basket, often handcrafted, at a neighbors door, then ringing their door bell and running away so the neighbor wouldn’t know who the good deed was from. The children’s classes took turns visiting the Sabbath School resource room where supplies awaited them to create May Baskets with scriptures and messages of Jesus’ love. 

While the students were busy crafting May Baskets each class was read a story telling of children who surprised neighbors with good deeds. 

The rest of the story:

One Mom reported that her child did pass out May Baskets to neighbors on May 1st … and they were happy later that day to view her neighbors post on Facebook accompanied by a picture of her child’s May Basket, saying “wondering who did this nice deed!” 


Go Light Your World

For second quarter our Children’s Sabbath School is focusing on “Go Light Your World”.  For Easter weekend everyone wrote favorite Bible scriptures on Jesus’ resurrection and then attached these scriptures to balloons.  The balloons were then released. 

He Is Risen

Our church embraced the theme, “He is Risen” during Easter weekend, April 15.  A special appreciation to our Choir Director, Charito Pattichot, who coordinated and directed an outstanding musical program. The selection of songs had not only lovely arrangements but were also rich with meaningful lyrics telling the story of Jesus' triumphant entry to Jerusalem, His feelings of isolation in Gethsemane, Mary's grief when witnessing the death of her Son, the sorrow of Jesus' followers when they laid Him in the tomb, and the culmination of Jesus resurrection and the gift it is to all!

Nancy Cowin did an outstanding job as pianist.  The church also enjoyed pieces that featured the children’s choir and instrumental accompaniment of the guitar, violin, cello and drum.   Pastor David Klinedinst did an excellent job reading the narration that took the church through the Easter story. Following the service refreshments and a lovely luncheon were provided.

Mission Focus: West Central Africa

Second Quarter 2017

Come visit the Children’s Sabbath School wing and check out the two Mission Bulletin Boards!  

The Mission focus for second quarter is West Central Africa.  One feature of the display is colorful flags.  Test your skill at identifying which flag is for which country.  

Lauris White has been creating beautiful mission displays for the children’s mission offerings.  This quarter she crocheted, in 3D, four adorable animals of Africa; a crocodile, an elephant, a monkey and a lion.  Lauris’ display also tells where the mission offering goes to for this quarter.  Children are given stones to place in the collection jar in exchange for any offering brought to their class.  The Blue stones are for the Beginner & Kindergarten Classes, Red stones are for Primary, Yellow stones are for Juniors and green stones are for the Teen & Youth Classes.


Our Sabbath School Leaders are continuing to have individual class time as usual but are also coordinating their programs with a THEME for all the children’s classes.  This theme is emphasized in individual classes and also during a time when all classes come together for a devotional, activities and a song. 

First quarter’s Children’s Sabbath School theme is LOVE!  Three aspects of LOVE is our focus:

  • Jesus’ love for us
  • Our love for Jesus
  • Our love for each other

Our theme song is the familiar and much loved song “Jesus Loves Me”.  There is a message on the Children’s Division hallway wall that says:  “I Love Jesus because…” then below these words is a growing number of paper hearts… the hearts are attached by the students as they fill in their answer to that question.  Then, at the close of our time together everyone lines up for an activity demonstrating love for each other -  a group hand shake that snakes down the hallway and has everyone in smiles and laughter.

Mission Focus: Trans-European Division

A goal that the Children’s Division Leaders have is to teach our students about the Mission programs that our world church is focusing on.  This first quarter the Mission Focus is for the Trans-European Division.  

One way to teach the mission emphasis is through a Mission Board located in the Children’s Sabbath School wing.  We have enlisted the creative help of Lauris White who has artfully crafted the mission display located in the Children’s Sabbath School wing.  Lauris’ design is on one of the projects of the Trans-European Division, to conduct Vacation Bible Schools in each Union to reach un-churched children.  Her mission board is continuing to expand as images of children of the world in their native costumes are colored by our students and added to the display board.  Each Sabbath a colored stone is placed in the jar to represent any offering that they bring

Ministry Opportunity

Volunteer Needed for Senior Food Box Deliveries. The ACS makes home deliveries to seniors who cannot come to the center for their food donation. A volunteer is needed one day per month, delivering to about nine homes. A larger vehicle is preferred to fit all the food boxes, though most live near the center and 2-3 trips to reload is workable. Each client signs for the delivery and this paperwork would need to be returned.

Please contact James Plumery if you are interested in this monthly, personal ministry. Call 417.766.5955 or email: 

Family Celebration Weekend

September 23 and 24 was our 6th Annual Family Celebration Weekend at West County Church.  Friday evening, there was a delicious supper followed by a program with guest speaker John Berecz.  On Sabbath morning our Adult lesson was a discussion panel followed by the Children’s classes presenting a 13th Sabbath Program.  Worship Service our church choir presented special music and the message was presented by guest speaker Deborah Berecz.  Fellowship Lunch was followed by a workshop and then a Vespers, Supper and family games/activities.  Thank you to the Family Ministries Team for a memorable weekend!

A Study of Church Governance and Unity

Below is the news article posted on the Adventist News Network on September 25, 2016:

General Conference Secretariat has released two documents about church governance and unity that are to be considered by church leadership at the Annual Council business meeting in October.

The main document, titled “A Study of Church Governance and Unity,” is a 50-page analysis of references from the Bible, the writings of Adventist Church cofounder Ellen G. White, and Adventist Church history as relating to policy and unity. The second document, the 17-page "Summary of A Study of Church Governance and Unity,” summarizes the points made in the longer document.

Both documents were published Sunday on the website of the General Conference’s Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research, which is part of Secretariat and assisted in researching and drafting them. Secretariat oversees the General Conference’s working policy. 

“During Annual Council this year we plan to discuss how best to address divergence from the current policy,” General Conference executive secretary G.T. Ng said Friday in an e-mail to members of the General Conference Executive Committee, comprised of church leaders from around the world who will gather at church headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, for Annual Council on Oct. 5 to 12. “Please prayerfully review these documents as they provide a foundation for these discussions.”

Ng attached PDF copies of the two documents to the e-mail.

“We are living in a critical time in history,” Ng said. “Many prophetic events are unfolding before our very eyes. Christ’s return is imminent. The church must fulfill the mission for which it was founded. We must forge ahead valiantly. Nothing should distract us from sharing the gospel with a fearful and chaotic world. May the Holy Spirit soon pour out in full measure the latter rain to a united church.”

Read: "Summary of A Study of Church Governance and Unity,” (PDF)

Read: “A Study of Church Governance and Unity” (PDF) 

Sanctuary Re-Dedication Sabbath

This past Sabbath was a very special one, as we celebrated the completion of the Sanctuary Renewal Project! The Sabbath program was filled with warmth and unity as we welcomed Nancy Beem into our church family through baptism. Chesterfield first-responders were recognized for their hard work and dedication to the community as we prayed a special prayer for each of them.  Bill Gibb recalled the awe-inspiring journey of West County Church's history - a true miracle story! Pastor Klinedinst delivered a special message and called us to not only rededicate our church, but our hearts to Jesus. Following the ceremony, we enjoyed a fun-filled 'Picnic at the Park' at Lone Elk! The wildlife were particularly active, and it was a neat experience for all!