May Baskets

Do you know what a May Basket is?

Many students learned today for the first time what a May Basket is, a tradition of secretly placing a basket, often handcrafted, at a neighbors door, then ringing their door bell and running away so the neighbor wouldn’t know who the good deed was from. The children’s classes took turns visiting the Sabbath School resource room where supplies awaited them to create May Baskets with scriptures and messages of Jesus’ love. 

While the students were busy crafting May Baskets each class was read a story telling of children who surprised neighbors with good deeds. 

The rest of the story:

One Mom reported that her child did pass out May Baskets to neighbors on May 1st … and they were happy later that day to view her neighbors post on Facebook accompanied by a picture of her child’s May Basket, saying “wondering who did this nice deed!”