Ministry Moment


Working together! “Yes, I can do that!”

West County Ministries are working together.

One way is through the Sabbath School Department hosting “Invite a Friend to Sabbath School Day”.  Here the Sabbath School partners with other Church Ministries to invite friends to church for exceptional programs like the Easter and Christmas Concerts (provided through the Music Ministry) and the Family Weekend (provided by the Family Ministry).  The Hospitality Ministry hosts everyone’s favorite Fellowship Meals on these “Invite a Friend to Sabbath School Days”.

Easy ways to say - “Yes, I can do that!” 

  • Pray: pray for the Church Ministry’s and those attending these programs.
  • Invite: give out invitation post cards to friends (provided by the Ministry Council).  These cards can be personally given or add a short note on the back, address and then mail.    
  • Attend/Participate: please come, join in!  Never underestimate the value of your attendance. Bring a dish, stay and socialize, visit with old friends and establish new acquaintances.