Picnic in the Park

West County Church begins their Picnic in the Park season in May, visiting a different park each month through October.   Many comment on how much they enjoy getting acquainted with the different parks that we visit.  Each year we add in a new park along with our old favorite ones.  There is a common denominator that hits the target every time, and that is - yummy food!  Everyone brings a favorite dish or two for this potluck style meal.  These relaxing meals in nature are enjoyed by all ages; a time for making new friends, catching up and renewing acquaintances.

Purina Farms has become our annual first picnic stop and it is always a tailgate lunch on the lawn before visiting the barn and dog show.  Our next picnics were all under protected shelters at Longview Farms in June, Bernie Park in July, Love Park in August and Queenie Park in September. 

Our last picnic will be on October 28 at Babler State Park, remember to bundle up, with the weather being cooler and then enjoy the extra warmth at one of the four stone fireplaces.

Purina Farms - May

Longview Farm - June

Bernie Park - July

Love Park - August

Queenie Park - September