A minimum of one minute. Every day. Every single day.

Most of us pray regularly with a prayer list. That’s good. But it’s easy for that list to become simply a mention of those who are important to us: Bless our pastor. Bless my children. Bless my uncle in the hospital. But we will ask God to lay on our hearts the name of a certain individual for whom we will pray a more focused prayer – for a minimum of a minute. We’ll claim a promise in their behalf. We’ll ask God to use us to reach them, whatever their current spiritual journey.

According to Romans 8:34, Jesus stands at the right hand of God and is interceding for him or her, so we are joining hands with the great Intercessor on behalf of the one whom He has laid on our hearts.

We are part of a praying Movement, a prayer Movement. The whole family across North America, pleading with God to do what only He can do to reach the hearts of those He loves. Many of our people are observing that we need to write URGENT over everything we do.

This is something we can do.

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