Clarks in Egypt

Many of you know Ron (brother to Brian Clark) and Teresa Clark, former members of West County Church. Both of their children attended Westwood school and were baptized during the time they lived in St. Louis. They have recently accepted a call to Egypt to serve for two years in the Literature Evangelism program in Cairo. Please keep them in your prayers!

For those interested, Teresa has started a blog about their experiences abroad. You may read the entries here, or visit their own blog, Life in Egypt.

Time is flying by and we are frantically trying to get everything taken care of before we depart for Egypt. It has been quite a task to sort through our belongings to decide what to do with everything and where and how to store what we aren't taking, and then to figure out what to take. We are still in the process of all that. I keep pushing back the emotions and not really dealing with that right now, when I can keep from it. The thoughts of being so far away from family is playing really heavy on my heart. But God is so gracious and has been showing us His will in such a marked way, it is a constant reminder that we need to keep surrendering our "all" to Him. Please keep us in your prayers. We pray for you every day!