Our Sabbath School Leaders are continuing to have individual class time as usual but are also coordinating their programs with a THEME for all the children’s classes.  This theme is emphasized in individual classes and also during a time when all classes come together for a devotional, activities and a song. 

First quarter’s Children’s Sabbath School theme is LOVE!  Three aspects of LOVE is our focus:

  • Jesus’ love for us
  • Our love for Jesus
  • Our love for each other

Our theme song is the familiar and much loved song “Jesus Loves Me”.  There is a message on the Children’s Division hallway wall that says:  “I Love Jesus because…” then below these words is a growing number of paper hearts… the hearts are attached by the students as they fill in their answer to that question.  Then, at the close of our time together everyone lines up for an activity demonstrating love for each other -  a group hand shake that snakes down the hallway and has everyone in smiles and laughter.