Mission Focus: West Central Africa

Second Quarter 2017

Come visit the Children’s Sabbath School wing and check out the two Mission Bulletin Boards!  

The Mission focus for second quarter is West Central Africa.  One feature of the display is colorful flags.  Test your skill at identifying which flag is for which country.  

Lauris White has been creating beautiful mission displays for the children’s mission offerings.  This quarter she crocheted, in 3D, four adorable animals of Africa; a crocodile, an elephant, a monkey and a lion.  Lauris’ display also tells where the mission offering goes to for this quarter.  Children are given stones to place in the collection jar in exchange for any offering brought to their class.  The Blue stones are for the Beginner & Kindergarten Classes, Red stones are for Primary, Yellow stones are for Juniors and green stones are for the Teen & Youth Classes.